Today we released the first release of Futile Games, which is a virtual art gallery. I think with things like NFT art and the pandemic showcasing art online is more important than ever. This is why we created Gallery to show we are capable of creating your ideal gallery for your art, or showcasing whatever you else you would like to show to others in a virtual environment.

We will be releasing game after game, simulation after simulation going forwards to build up a portfolio of various types therein. This will show what we can really do as a company going forwards and how we can meet your needs.

Following on from a recent video I have posted across social media platforms, I thought I would write a bit about my plans and what Futile Games is.

Futile Games is just starting, so the idea of this brand was for me, Jamie Cropley to explore the processes involved with setting up my own game development company. After creating indie games for a long time, I thought this would be a good idea to try out. Hence the first goal of my company is to build a portfolio and then seek out contracts with other companies that are looking to get a game created and selling assets and things like that to generate revenue. Then eventually, we will be releasing a major game of some sort, but it’s yet to be decided what that game will be. It will most likely either be a strategy or RPG game or even a mixture of both.

When starting this business, my main question has and is still continually, “What other avenues can I utilise to actually make money or at least build my brand of a computer games development company, aside from making computer games? Below I have tried to comprise a list that breaks that down:

  • Educational
  • Medical rehabilitation games
  • Entertainment (Not gambling though to start with)
  • Business (E.g. recruitment challenges and such)
  • Gaming Development Tools
  • Game assets
  • Product showrooms, e.g. car showrooms
  • Apartment/house rendering but make it interactable, possibly in VR
  • Help another studio make a game via a contract?
  • Porting / remaking
  • Research and development
  • Serious games (emergency, work and other types of simulations)
  • Engineering visualisations
  • Interactive displays and various other marketing development that is interactive
  • Gamification
  • Games for advertising campaigns
  • Virtual reality
  • Interior design
  • Pitch ideas to publishers
  • Robotics simulations
  • Accessibility research and development / Games that are accessible

Writing this post to mainly introduce this blog. I will be writing about company updates, ideas and general musings and developments on setting up my own game development company.

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